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Priddy Suicide Lists the Top Five Rock Songs To Dance To

Priddy Suicide Lists the Top Five Rock Songs To Dance To

The SuicideGirls are back out on the Blackheart Burlesque tour this winter. With stripteases and performances poking fun at Kill Bill, Game of Thrones, The Big Lebowski, Planet of the Apes, Dr. Who and more, it's unlike any other burlesque show. The new production will feature choreography from renowned instructor/dancer Manwe Sauls-Addison, who has worked with world famous performers such as Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez and Lady Gaga. One of the dancers on the tour, Priddy Suicide, told Revolver what her picks are for the Top Five Rock Songs to Dance To.

For more information on SuicideGirls' Blackheart Burlesque, check out the tour's official website.


5. Porcelain Black, "Who's Next" "Porcelain is beautiful and badass. She has this don't give a fuck attitude in her lyrics. Her music is like a mix of hardcore and pop. It has this raunchy masculine energy, but still has a feminine sense of empowerment."

4. Marilyn Manson, "Beautiful People" "Where the twisted and demented live beautifully, I love this song--and the video is pretty epic. It's raw and he takes it to another level that only a handful of artist are capable of."

3. Rage Against the Machine, "Killing in the Name" "This song is super thrashy and headbanging. It has a great build up too. I can give myself a good whiplash dancing to this song. Need I say more!?...I think not."

2. Killswitch Engage, "My Curse" "This song has so many levels of intensity and breathing moments. The transitions in the song are fun to play with when I'm dancing."

1. Nine Inch Nails, "Closer" "The song just drips sex. Its raw, provocative, and who wouldn't want to strip their clothes off listening to it? It's definitely a favorite of mine!"

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