Randy Blythe of Lamb of God Comments on Dave “Oderus Urungus” Brockie’s Cause of Death

Screen shot 2014-06-04 at 10.06.01 AMRandy Blythe, frontman of Lamb of God, posted the photo to the left and the following statement on his Instagram about his friend Dave “Oderus Urungus” Brockie of GWAR.

Here’s me with Dave Brockie & Brad Roberts of GWAR in 2006. Brad & I are still here, but Dave is gone- accidental heroin overdose, as many of you heard today. Not that it really matters, because dead is dead, but I don’t think Brockie was a stone cold junkie when he died- he couldn’t have done all that he did if he was strung out. He partied hard at periods, but I think he was more of a drug dabbler.

But there’s a lesson here- dabbling with drugs kills people dead every day, just like being fully addicted does. I am so fucking sick of my friends dying from alcohol & drugs. Really, really, tired of it–some of them die slow in the throes of addiction, & some of them die after just doing something stupid one night after a party. Some if them fuck around and fuck around and fuck around…”I’ll get sober one day…” For most of them, that day comes for sure–when we put them in a casket.

It’s better to be alive when you get sober.

In this photo I was still drinking–I am a FULL BLOWN ALCOHOLIC. When I drink, I do crazy, really ill stuff. But I am a sober man today. I LIVE FREE. I might die surfing in the ocean tomorrow, but I will go out doing what I love, not choking on my own vomit. Besides that, I can just try & help others, so I’m writing this to YOU- YES, YOU- you, the one who can’t stop drinking & getting fired & pissing off your wife, you the one who steals pills from you friend’s medicine cabinet, you the one who is in a dark hole & wants to die & the only thing that fixes it for a little while is a drink or a drug–WAKE UP. GET HELP. STOP. PLEASE, I’M FUCKING BEGGING YOU. YOU CAN DO IT. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE GET SOME HELP. If I can do it, ANYONE CAN, because I was a TOTAL WRECK for YEARS. Just get some help, goddamn it. And if you haven’t started, don’t. JUST DONT. There is NOTHING cool about being an alcoholic, a drug addict, or dead. Trust me. For the love of God, just don’t start. Please.

Yesterday the Virginia medical examiner’s office revealed that Brockie died of an accidental heroin overdose. Arkuie Williams, administrator at the chief medical examiner’s office, made the announcement, saying that Brockie’s cause of death was acute heroin toxicity.

Brockie died on March 23 at age 50.


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  • OneWhoKnows

    True words.

  • Ozzy Mollohan

    I’m glad you said that if people like us can stop and I mean STOP anyone can do it!!! seek help!!

    • Ozzy Mollohan

      RIP my bro!!!!

  • nyislesfan42

    Thanks Randy for being a voice of responsibility. It sucks seeing so many of our favorite musicians die far beyond their time. They rob the world of their art, but more importantly they rob those that love them of the shared experience of having each other in their lives. The world has lost too many people who influenced the world in positive ways, which is something this world greatly needs. Hopefully, more musicians and entertainers will follow Randy’s lead and be a loud voice for positive role models.

  • Chuck Church

    Well said Randy. I missed out on a chance to see Gwar last year, would have been my first time. Now it might not ever happen.

  • rxdrone

    Not a LOG fan but that was a great message, Randy.

  • Lance Dillon Lyon

    I wish that band like Linkin Park and Stained would start doing a lot of drugs!

    • Busta


  • Nick

    Awesome words! Thank you Randy! It makes me sick every time I hear another story about a rock star dying from drugs or alcohol. There are people in my family who have completely ruined their lives from drugs and booze. I agree with Randy, if you haven’t ever touched drugs or alcohol then don’t.