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Rapper Prozak Premieres New Rock Video, Featuring Slipknot's Sid Wilson, "End of Us"

Rapper Prozak Premieres New Rock Video, Featuring Slipknot's Sid Wilson,

Rapper Prozak is releasing a new album, Paranormal, on April 24, and it includes a rock-inspired song on it featuring Slipknot's Sid Wilson. You can check out that song, "End of Us," in the video below. Below that, read what Prozak and Wilson have to say about the song.

What is the “End Of Us” about?
PROZAK “End of us” is the surfacing anger and rage within these current times, the collapse of our economy and the effects of consumerism.

What was your inspiration behind writing it?
PROZAK Simply watching the effects of it bleed out society. There are people losing their homes, small business owners going bankrupt, and watching my home state of Michigan rank No. 1 in violent crime and unemployment. Desperate times create desperate measures.

How did you get connected with Sid Wilson from Slipknot?
PROZAK In 2004, I was performing in Iowa while on tour with Tech N9ne. As I was getting ready for my set, the tour bus door opens and on walks some guy with a mullet wig, gold grill, fangs and sunglasses. He is pointing a camcorder at me and says, “You’re in Des Moines, Iowa. What do you think about it?” I stared at the guy confused by his bizarre appearance and replied, “I think it’s the hometown of my favorite metal band.” He looked back at me and asked, “Oh yeah, who’s that?” When I responded, “Slipknot” he gives me look and said, “Oh, you actually like them guys?” I then walked off the bus to head into the venue while muttering something about him being “typical hometown hater!” I came to find out later that guy was a member of my favorite band. My label, Strange Music, thought it’d be funny to send him up on the bus to fuck with me. Sid and I have been friends since.

How did you the collaboration with Sid come about and how was it working with him musically?
PROZAK As soon as I wrote the song, I knew it was perfect to have Sid’s signature scratches on it. I know Sid shares very similar political beliefs as I do, so I knew we had to collaborate on this song together. Working with Sid Wilson is always a great experience as he is extremely talented and very tech savvy with studio gear. He’s like Dr. Frankenstein with electronics.

Sid, what was it like working with Prozak, a musician who is typically categorized as a hip-hop artist?
WILSON Shit was dope man! I love Prozak and we’ve known each other for a while now. We got the same wavelength man. It’s nice to link up with someone that understands where you’re coming from. Plus, he brought the song to me with his boys straight metal style so I was naturally like, “Fuck ya! Let’s get down and record ‘End of Us.’”

What are your thoughts on Prozak’s fusion of metal and hip-hop?
WILSON The fusion of rap and metal is the future soundtrack of an aggressive urban lifestyle and culture. People like Bird and Lil’ Wayne love that shit! They are working with Limp Bizkit right now. Shit is crazy, man. I got to peep some when I was in Florida with Fred. I can’t wait to do more music with Prozak in the future!

What kind of feedback have you gotten about this song in general?
PROZAK People are loving it! It’s amazing how people have reacted to it so far. I believe it’s because the song taps into a nerve that most everyone has right now.

Your album has a bit of everything on it from rock to metal and hip-hop on it. Is the album a reflection of your musical tastes? How do you describe your sound to people?
PROZAK I think it most definitely reflects my personal musical taste. When people ask me how to describe my sound I tell them it’s metal-infused hardcore hip-hop. That’s just a little taste of what you will find within the lyrical-abyss of my new album “Paranormal”.

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