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Remembering Chuck Schuldiner on the 10th Anniversary of His Death

Remembering Chuck Schuldiner on the 10th Anniversary of His Death

Today marks the 10th anniversary of the passing of Death frontman Chuck Schulinder. Schulinder, who battled with brain cancer, was a pioneer in death metal and continued to work on music with his new band Control Denied right up until his untimely death.

“Music was Chuck’s focus. It was the thing that gave him strength,” Control Denied drummer Richard Christy told Guitar World. “It was inspiring to see somebody going through something so hard and still playing guitar and writing music. Chuck was just so committed. He gave it everything he had.”

Schulinder had first been diagnosed with cancer after a tumor was discovered following initial complaints of neck pain. Despite nearly half the tumor being removed in 2000, his illness returned. However, Schulinder has left a powerful legacy, particularly in the death metal scene.

“With regard to death metal, he contributed a standard of musicianship that people are still aspiring to,” says writer Don Kaye. “He was a pioneer who tried to take the music in an interesting and progressive direction. And in that way, coming along when he did, he crystallized the genre.”

To read the full tribute to Schulinder, head over to our sister mag's site,, and look for an original article on Death in the January/February issue of Revolver, on stands now.

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