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Review: Alter Bridge -- Fortress

Review: Alter Bridge -- Fortress

Having spent much of the last three years touring with their “other” bands (Creed, Slash, Projected), it’s no wonder the members of Alter Bridge have tried to make their fourth album special. They’ve got angst-laced balladry (“Lover”), hell-for-leather rockers (“Cry a River”), and sweeping, suite-style songwriting (“Fortress”), alongside the usual helpings of inhumanly tight unison riffage and tuneful shred. Somehow, though, every song eventually leads to Myles Kennedy keening dramatically over guitar sturm und drang, and while that nicely showcase the band’s songwriting and instrumental skills, after a while it becomes predictable and monotonous. Even Ferraris occasionally change gear, guys. J.D. CONSIDINE

Check out "Addicted to Pain" off Fortress below.

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