Review: Alter Bridge — Fortress



Having spent much of the last three years touring with their “other” bands (Creed, Slash, Projected), it’s no wonder the members of Alter Bridge have tried to make their fourth album special. They’ve got angst-laced balladry (“Lover”), hell-for-leather rockers (“Cry a River”), and sweeping, suite-style songwriting (“Fortress”), alongside the usual helpings of inhumanly tight unison riffage and tuneful shred. Somehow, though, every song eventually leads to Myles Kennedy keening dramatically over guitar sturm und drang, and while that nicely showcase the band’s songwriting and instrumental skills, after a while it becomes predictable and monotonous. Even Ferraris occasionally change gear, guys. J.D. CONSIDINE

Check out “Addicted to Pain” off Fortress below.

  • Karolis

    And you call this a review? It seems that the reviewer skimmed through the album once and wrote the first thing that came to his mind.

  • Geoffrey de Brouwer

    And I rate your “review” 1/5 because it appears that it took you 30 seconds to write up this PARAGRAPH. How about a little depth. Fail.

  • Eric Jamal Johnson

    By far the stupidest shortest and most simplistic review ever smh

  • Michael Smith

    Wow…although I admit my first reaction to this album was similar, a few plays later it began to truly reveal its beauty and this is definitely a change is gear for Alter Bridge. Compare this to ABIII: no similarity, no contest. Fortress progresses the bands sound further towards magical perfection, and leaves the majority of their first three albums stumbling in the dark.

    Sorry. I respect a negative opinion but this appears rushed and premature in regards to a rounded opinion.

    In fact, this looks suspiciously like the work of an Internet troll. Perhaps Revolver want to stir controversy?

    • TDE

      agreed the album really grows on you the more you listen to it when you let it sink in its just as good as there previous albums some may not see it that way but I strongly disagree with a 2.5/5 not saying it should be a perfect 5 but its not a terrible album and this review was very poorly constructed in general.

  • Archimedes_Slim

    Terrible review. Your life is wasted.

  • Jame

    Wow. What a terrible review. This CD is damn near perfect musically. The only bad thing about this CD (and band), is that it make pretty much everything else out there sound bad.

  • JJames

    It really is like you didn’t listen to the album at all. Everyone other review has stated how badass this album is. It seems like you’re being a contrarian for the hell of it.

  • John

    What did you do, listen to previews and then write this review? You’re out of your mind. One of the best albums of this year. Alter Bridge delivered with this one.

  • Micky

    Creed and AB fan since day dot but this album reeks. Wake up listeners, you dont have to love it just because its AB. No flow, structure or depth. No groove!

    • Matt

      Your and Idiot,That is all

      • Micky


  • AndrewW500

    This might be the worst ‘professional’ review I have ever read. This is undoubtedly one of the best albums of the year… I can appreciate a difference in opinions but you rated this 2.5 without even giving a proper reason why. Either you haven’t listened to it or you just have something against AB.

  • Michael Ward

    Ok every other review I have read, is insanely positive! The only thing I have to say is that it is obvious you didn’t even try to listen to the album. This is a sad day for Revolver. I am a big AB fan, but I can still respect negative opinions. If and only if people spend more than 30 seconds to think them out. Even if you don’t like the album that’s fine but rewrite this review, and put some time into it. Renew my respect for relover. If I was your editor and you handed me this. I wouldn’t dignify it with my time, and you would no longer be working for my department.

  • Paul


  • Alabalanutnbolt

    obviously hasnt listened enough times to give a concise review. i have had it since release and am still discovering the vast differences that make up of the songs.
    stupid little kick in the nuts to finish the review why not say not sure if he likes it

  • Jiggy_LFC

    This is such an awful review. To be honest I don’t know much about Revolver but I always thought you had a good reputation in the rock magazine industry. Going by this review I was very wrong if this ‘reviewer’ is anything to go by.

    This is Alter Bridge’s best album, in terms of song-writing and music. Myles’ vocals are pretty much ‘perfect’, the same goes with Tremonti’s shredding.

  • Surfcaster

    This reviewer does’nt know his arse from his elbow. Got it today, listened to it twice, blown away! Stunning!

  • Lee

    This is the bands worst album ever so far though. The reviewer is right.

    • Eric Jamal Johnson

      In my complex mind sometimes simplicity can get lost. But this comment has simplistic all over it just like this piece of shit review. I can understand a negative review but give a little bit more depth as to why you don’t like it. And as for the ‘fans’ who agree with the review obviously aren’t fans at all and it makes me sick.

  • :P

    Wow the reviewer is one more of the Haters gonna Hate the Epicness of AB!!!!This review is soooo terrible equal to Miley Cyrus!!!!

  • Chris Schroeder

    I’ve listened to half of the album so far. It’s pretty sweet- I’m thinking this review may lean pretty far on the negative. I thought ABIII was good but a little too tame for a hard rock band of their talent. I’ve been itching for Alter Bridge to cut loose again – dare I say Fortress is epic. Best of their discography? That’s up to the community to decide. But 2.5/5 is lowball. I’d say a 3.5/5, maybe even a 4/5, are more like it for me.

  • brockng

    Fortress is badass. These guys have improved exponentially with each new album. And their first album kicked ass, so that should say a little something about this new one.
    Awesome hard rocking riffs, brutal guitar playing, the best singer in rock, and a rhythm section to die for.

    Every song kicks you in the nuts, then gives you an ice pack before kicking you again.
    Alter Bridge will be remembered in 30 years as one of the best bands of their generation.
    Just check out “Cry Of Achilles” on youtube and tell me I’m wrong.

  • Neal

    This album is amazing. If you like haunting lyrics, emotion, sadness and great riffs then you about fail to enjoy! There is no way this reviewer has listened to it for the whole length of the album let alone more than once. It’s an album for any rocker but I feel it can only be fully appreciated by a musician – someone who knows how tight the drumming an rhythm is and how emotional and well thought out the solos are. Yes most songs have a formula – but it’s tried and tested and works extremely well even when tampered with on this album. A darker album than Ab111 is a good thing.
    If you play guitar you cannot fail to be amazed.
    A definite must. 5/5 and nothing less

  • FigmenTation

    Review is amateurish and seems like the ramblings of some kind of self professed “purist” whose opinion is rigid and inert at best. Amazing album, some true depth to be found here. I generally love much harder stuff than this to be sure, yet even I from time totime can appreciate the craft that goes into an album of this caliber. Some really heart-tugging songs to be found here (All Ends Well being a standout personally) that show the maturation of the band. Keep it uo guys!

  • Sick_Pick

    I agree with this review. Terrible album. Only “Cry A RIver” and “Farther than the Sun” are listenable…

    • TDE

      what do you know about music your just as much an idiot as the person who wrote this review

  • Jon Marsland

    well done on missing everything that 84%… Yes as voted by YOUR READERS (for now) loved about this album. By doing so, you’ve shown how out of touch you are with your readers tastes. So maybe move on to reviewing Justin Bieber and leave the fans to decide for themselves.
    PS currently No 6 in the album charts. Not bad for a 2.5/5….

  • Mike

    Poor “review”… Go, get your ears checked, dude!

  • SixDays

    Sammi Chichester you suck this album rocks just look at the cover it shows a broken house but is named fortress that’s what alter bridge is like their like a beaten house which stands majestically so if you can’t get that then you suck lol everyone thinks this album rocks except you lol alter bridge rulez!!!!!!11111111

  • longliverock

    Sammi Chichester, you literally wrote a 4 sentence review about this album (which everyone seems to think is AWESOME besides you, a little strange isn’t it?). I don’t think you really listened to it at all, either that or you’re deaf. What did you do, sit on your computer with itunes opened and clicked the next button after each song on this album was on for 10 seconds. Stop being so damn pretentious and get your head out from where the sun doesn’t shine (YOUR ASS) .. Fortress is awesome and you know it.

  • dude

    What is that… a review… shame on you Sammi!!! Revolvermag died for me…

    • James

      Sammi didn’t write the review, it was a (hopefully) now-fired loser named JD Considine.

  • johnmox

    This is no review at all, bet this guy is frustrated ’cause he will never EVER make an record near FORTRESS! Hahaha

  • Stingray

    Duh, Myles does not sing lead on everysong!! Let’s get it right!!

  • Zach D Paulson

    How can you not like this album?

  • Zach Uphoff

    i luv how evryone is crucifing the reviewer because he gave the CD a bad review. If u like then good for u, listen to it but coming on here and bitching bout how he sucks cuz he one of ur favorite bands a bad review makes u all look like a bunch of babies. And before u say i prbly dont like alter bridge either, well ur wrong, i actually enjoy there music but im not all butt hurt that this guy gave there CD a bad review my life will go on regardless.

    • Butt Hurt Baby

      This isn’t a text message or tweet. Capitalize personal pronouns, spell words out fully, AND USE there, their, they’re CORRECTLY if you’re going to bitch out other people bitching, and call them butt hurt babies. I do have to give you one prop: you didn’t say “irregardless.” Kudos.

      • Zach Uphoff

        OMG! this isnt an english paper who cares if i didnt use proper grammer, i believe my point got across, but go ahead correct me if makes u feel more important

    • logic+grammar=coherent thought

      The whole issue that most on here are having is the lack of thoroughness that one would expect from a music site of this caliber. There is simply no excuse for this reviewer to slap Alter Bridge with a 2.5/5 with no more explanation as to why than the paltry analysis presented here. The guy mentioned only three songs from the entire album. I could care less if AB isn’t his brand of music, he can do this review better justice.

    • SixDays

      Yeah well guess what zach your wrong his review sucked and your not a true alter bridge fan for not defending them i mean if you didn’t care about the review why are you even commenting you still commented to say you didn’t care but you care enough to comment LOL so your the one not being coherent lol alter bridge rules!!!!!!!!!1111111

      • Zach Uphoff

        y the hell would i defend them? wat has the band ever personally done for me? when they come over to my house and do my laundry and my dishes then i will defend them. But since they wont ever do that im not gunna defend them, so get over the fact that people are not gunna share ur opinion on them and move on with ur life.

  • Blaye

    Wake up this review is a joke or we are in the fith dimension

  • Daniel V

    This review is like something I would do for a book report…if I never read the thing and just skimmed a few pages. Is this the best this mag has to offer?

  • jjmc71

    Terrible review in the sense that there was no effort put into it. The reviewer does not need to like the band or album but should have talked a little more about the overall feel/vibe of the album and used more song examples to support or argue the lack of songwriting and musicianship. This could have been written on the back of a matchbook. This is a reputable online Hard Rock/Metal zine, so if you are going to help an audience decide whether or not they should buy the record, but a bit more effort into your writing. Thanks.

  • Blackbird

    What an awful review! The album a true masterpiece that needs to be listened to a few times to get a real grasp of. You are entitled to not like the band but surely you can appreciate the musicianship and song-writing

  • rf

    How is this considered an album review? This is such a great album from start to finish and deserves more than 2.5 stars. Many other outlets have given this album 4.5 or 5 star reviews. Why have someone that obviously hates this band do a review for their album?

  • Fred Sinatra

    predictable and monotonous

  • Justin Greene

    This is an awful review.

  • Keith

    The music is great but the lyrics are terrible; “predictable and monotonous” is quite spot on – throw in cheesy too.. That’s not opinion, that is mathematical fact – check out the complexity and subtelty of Blackbird’s (album) lyrics and compare it to Fortress (album). In all the years of waiting, sadly, AB has lost its way. The band was unique on the collaboration between a legendary guitarist (Mark) and a awe-inspiring vocalist and song writer (Myles) – this is the order it should have been if they wanted to retain the authenticity and purity of music that they achieved in preceding albums.

  • Stephen

    Looking at this, the most hilarious part of this “review” is that the comments have more depth to their thoughts on the album than this “official review” from the website.

    Seriously, this would hardly qualify as a paragraph to the average eighth-grade English teacher, let alone an essay (which, shouldn’t a review match the length of?)

  • I Have A Point

    shit review

  • jmfqueiros28

    With all the respect to the reviwer, i disagree a lot of his POV. This album is the proof of the musical progression of the band. killer rifs like “peace is broken” “the uninvited” deep lyrics like ” calm the fire” or “lover”, the mark song ” waters rising”. i think this album deserve a 2nd review now that ‘s been around for some time now.