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Review: Belphegor — Conjuring The Dead

Review: Belphegor — Conjuring The Dead

Furious. Relentless. Punishing. These are the adjectives that come to mind as Belphegor’s 10th album blasts through the speakers. It’s the band’s first since vocalist-guitarist Helmuth contracted a typhus infection that almost killed him in 2011. To say that he and his Austrian black-death crew are back with a vengeance is an understatement at best, a mischaracterization at worst: Belphegor have always been completely uncompromising. True to form, 'Conjuring the Dead' is merciless, if often one-dimensional—a satanic blur of sadomasochism, blasphemy, and gleeful perversion featuring guest shots from Deicide’s Glen Benton and Mayhem’s Attila Csihar on “Legions Of Destruction.”

Check out “Gasmask Terror”  from 'Conjuring The Dead.'

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