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Review: Broken Hope -- Omen of Disease

Review: Broken Hope -- Omen of Disease

More than 10 years have passed since Chicago’s Broken Hope released the last of five blood-spattered slabs of death metal. The band’s comeback, Omen of Disease, is both a reinvention and a striking return to form. Original guitarist Jeremy Wagner is flanked by members of Dirge Within, who create a trenchant mix of skewed mid-paced rhythms and blinding blast beats for Gorgasm vocalist Damian Leski (who replaced the late Joe Ptacek) to gurgle and roar atop. In addition, the band injects scalpel-sharp melodies on tracks like “Give Me the Bottom Half” and “Ghastly” without losing an iota of intensity. Broken Hope still crush. JON WIEDERHORN

Check out "Ghastly" off Omen of Disease below.

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