Review: Combichrist —We Love You



Combichrist’s love comes with a caveat: “Our only hope to save you is to terminate you.” And so these Norwegians rage forth with snarling synths and squealing feedback, yelling about death and destruction, and, um, unicorns? OK, “Fuck Unicorns” doesn’t actually say the “U” word, but you get the point–these guys are serious badasses and funny as hell in a deadpan nihilistic way. They’re masters of EDM–which, in their case, stands more for Electronic Death Metal than Electronic Dance Music–but also twisted enough to end the album with the mock-folk confessions of “Retreat Hell 2.” We love you, too, man. J.D. CONSIDINE

Check out “From My Cold Dead Hands” from We Love You.

  • anon

    I kind of love that JD Considine is still around…and reviewing CombiChrist. And getting it right.

    • Endoftheline

      fuck JD Considine!!!!!!!!!!!1111 revolver readers will never forgive him for his review of alterbridge – fortress!!!!!!!!!!1111 and it figures he would listen to lousy techno bullshit!!!!!!!!!!!11111
      alterbridge>>>>>>>>>>>>>> combishit