Review: Crobot — Crobot



The only complaint we have about Crobot’s new EP is that it’s not enough. Just a few years old, the central Pennsylvania quartet stomps through these four songs with the authority of a group that’s been around for decades, weaving together the deep grooves of stoner rock with grunge, blues, and metal influences. “Legend of the Spaceborne Killer” sets the fuzz-drenched tone, but it’s the semi-epic “La Mano de Lucifer” that really lets Crobot stretch out into heavy space-blues territory that showcases both Brandon Yeagley’s vocals and Chris Bishop’s guitar heroics. This’ll do for now, but our appetite is fully whetted for Crobot’s next full-length. GARY GRAFF

Check out “Nowhere to Hide” from Crobot.


    Too bad the bass section was not reviewed like every other magazine or online columnist … Gary was short sighted and did not research the history of this band…. Hello… All songs on EP were written by current members!