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Review: Culted — Oblique to All Paths

Review: Culted — Oblique to All Paths

With three members in Canada and one in Sweden, Culted have never played music together in the same room. Which might help explain why Oblique to All Paths is grounded in a specific atmosphere rather than a specific genre. Does the band play blackened doom? Death/doom? Power/sludge? Does it matter? From oppressive 19-minute opener "Brooding Hex" to clanging, scattershot closer "Jeremiad," Culted trudge a crooked, hellish road indeed. Like their spiritual and sonic forefathers in Khanate, Asunder, and Buried at Sea, their music is bleak, crushing, and decidedly off-kilter. Is it for everyone? Nope. But that just might be the point. J. BENNETT

Check out "Illuminati" from Oblique to All Paths.

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