Review: Eluveitie — Origins



For a band whose focus is the forgotten life of the ancient Swiss, Eluveitie is pretty exciting. Marrying death-metal aggression with Celtic folk lilt, the music weaves shredding guitar and skirling bagpipe into a cohesive and engaging fabric. It helps if you’re enough into creative anachronism to recognize a hurdy-gurdy or appreciate lyrics sung in Gaulish (the language Asterix would have spoken). But even if you’ve never been at a Renaissance Faire and thought, “This could really use some double-kick drumming,” this blend of heavy and ethereal will evoke a magical realm of fairies—fairies who really kick ass.

Check out “King”  from ‘Origins.’

  • Jean-René Vallières

    Amazing album. Not my favorite from Eluveitie although some songs from this album are among my favorite songs (King, Call of the Mountains and Carry the Torch). The style is as awesome as ever, but it is worth noting that a few songs from this album (one or two, not more) are less “folkish” and are more brutal, which is not what I am looking for when I listen to Eluveitie. But these more brutal songs are good nonetheless, just not, in my opinion, as perfect as Primordial Breath, The Siege, Havoc, Santonian Shores, The Song of Life and so forth. Definitely worth buying and listening over and over. Chrigel and Anna are still wondrously leading the band which has lost nothing of its quality. I give it 4/5 easily.

  • Yesmine Hines

    i agree, some songs were too hard metal with not enough folk, although it is a good album, its not as seamlessly blended as helvetios