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Review: Entombed A.D. — Back to the Front

Review: Entombed A.D. — Back to the Front

After Entombed’s LG Petrov and Alex Hellid—the Swedish death-metal pioneers’ original vocalist and guitarist, respectively—went their separate ways last year, Petrov announced that the band he continues to front would go by the moniker Entombed A.D. Name aside, the group’s debut, 'Back to the Front,' is a rumbling combination of the kind of grit, groove, and virtuosity that made Entombed the kings of death ’n’ roll in the ’90s. Motörhead and Slayer remain touch points, but there are also new elements: “Kill to Live” opens like a ’70s Italian horror movie, “Pandemic Rage” features orchestral string swells, and “The Underminer” showcases blast beats over thrash riffs.

Check out “Bedlam Attack”  from 'Back to the Front.'

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