Review: Eyes Set to Kill — Masks



According to singer-guitarist Alexia Rodriguez, the title of Eyes Set to Kill’s new album is a reference to her feeling that the screamo act had been trying out different “masks” over its career, but that now the bandmates have found themselves. And indeed, while the successes of ESTK’s fifth LP—their strongest, heaviest, and most cohesive yet—could easily be attributed to the crisp production from Steve Evetts (The Dillinger Escape Plan) or the songwriting and drumming contributions of Suicide Silence skinsman (and supposedly Alexia’s love interest?) Alex Lopez, the truth is more likely, as the frontwoman contends, that Eyes Set to Kill have finally come into their own. WILL NAVIDSON

Check out “Lost and Forgotten” off Masks below.

  • Husein Bah Reisy

    I love you guys………
    keep show your true color,