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Review: Falling in Reverse - Just Like You

Review: Falling in Reverse - Just Like You

Falling in Reverse’s controversial 2013 disc, 'Fashionably Late,' alienated some fans with its electronica and rap influences. But with their new and third album, 'Just Like You,' frontman Ronnie Radke & Co. return to the sound they built their name on, delivering a tour de force effort that is equal parts melody and metallic heaviness. The band shines on cuts like opener “Chemical Prisoner,” a catchy rocker with soaring vocals, and “Guillotine IV,” a breakdown-laden pummeler. But more than just revisiting their past on 'Just Like You,' the group manages to breathe new life into their old sound. Post-hardcore fans will certainly enjoy what is Falling in Reverse’s strongest record to date.

Check out "God, If You Are Above..." from 'Just Like You' below.

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