Review: Flyleaf – New Horizons



Worshipping guitar almost as much as God, these devout Texan alt-rockers deliver a third full-length of mostly hits but a few misses. New Horizons puts recently departed frontwoman Lacey Sturm’s vocals center stage on songs ranging from the clean-riffed, Paramore-esque “Cage on the Ground” to the heavy-metal caterwaul “Green Heart,” their hardest song to date. While the record packs the occasional such wallop, it loses steam in quieter moments (“Saving Grace”) that sacrifice depth and density for pop hooks, due in part to predictable song structures—heavy riff/anthemic chorus/another heavy riff! In all, New Horizons is emblematic of a band embracing change. Hopefully for Flyleaf, fans do the same. MEGHAN TRAYNOR

Check out “New Horizons” off New Horizons below:

  • Carla Guese

    this will be my favorite album

  • chronicxpayne

    Ride the light which is satan, listen to these lyrics what do you think she is talking about… the NWO is here! Killuminatti!

  • Jews

    Bloody awful band after their first CD.

    • Stankylegs

      I thought their second album was decent. IMO, better songwriting. But their first album was a classic.