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Review: For All Those Sleeping - Incomplete Me

Review: For All Those Sleeping - Incomplete Me

On their third full-length album, 'Incomplete Me,' Minnesota metalcore quintet For All Those Sleeping continue the blend of emo melody and metallic fury that landed their last album Outspoken on the Billboard 200. While the band isn’t aiming to break new ground, they have crafted some excellent songs that further the idea that melodic metalcore is more than just a trend and, in fact, has real staying power of. The group excels at crafting catchy singalong choruses--as on standout tracks like “Red” and “Crosses,” which showcase the band’s songwriting chops--but their heavier riffs and breakdowns are often bland and unremarkable. While some of the cuts blend together, and the record loses steam toward the end, 'Incomplete Me' is another solid showing by For All Those Sleeping, and worth picking up for metalcore fans. DAVID McKENNA

Check out the title track off 'Incomplete Me.'

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