Review: Four Year Strong — Go Down In History



Four Year Strong may technically be a pop-punk band, but the group’s first new set of recordings in three years sees them eschewing the genre’s formulaic hallmarks to create a dizzyingly technical collection of whine-free songs. From the palm-muted glory of “Tread Lightly” to shifting syncopation of “So You’re Saying There’s a Chance” (bonus points for ‘Dumb and Dumber’ reference) these five tracks bridge the gap between pop punk and melodic hardcore in a way that’s so infectious that you’ll be too busy singing along to notice. Here’s hoping it won’t be four years long until their next full-length. JONAH BAYER

Check out “Tread Lightly” from ‘Go Down In History.’

  • Drew E

    This album is golden. The next full-length should definitely follow this formula.

  • Dylan

    I liked the EP and the songs, but the production is terrible. It’s so noisy and loud. I had to take off my headphones because it was hurting my ears so bad. If the songs were more clear this would be great