Review: Geoff Tate – Kings & Thieves



After splitting acrimoniously with his former Queensrÿche bandmates while on tour behind 2011’s much-maligned Dedicated to Chaos, singer Geoff Tate has not only struck out with his own new version of the band but also a new solo album. Sadly, on the latter, Tate isn’t exploiting his legendary pipes or prog-metal creativity. Kings & Thieves is essentially a sequel to Dedicated to Chaos. The dramatic, echoing contours of “She Slipped Away” show some spark; ditto for “Dark Money,” a U2-ish indictment of corruption. But hope crumbles with a cringe-inducing sex romp (“Say U Luv It”) and turgid braggadocio that evokes Puff Daddy’s “Come with Me” (“The Way I Roll”). LUCAS AYKROYD

Check out “Dark Money” off Kings & Thieves below:

  • Nicole-Tom Capobianco

    let me guess. one listen? desktop maybe? Rage for Order and Mindcrime 1 were ripped by critics when they came out due to the same lazy kind of analysis and review posted here. DTC “much maligned” or not and Kings and Thieves are both incredible albums. Unfortunately for many, even those who pose as professionals in the industry like the critic here, these albums require some patience. 3 full range/air pushing listens, without distraction and at least one headphone listen without distraction. otherwise review something else.

    • Nikki

      DTC incredible….lol!!! Best joke of the week!!!!

  • Kalten

    Capobianco. Are you deaf? GT is your boyfriend? Are you kidding us? Are you Geoff Tate? Or just an idiot? Yes, maybe the last one.

    • Brian Waymire

      yeah I agree. I mean I love Geoff Tate a huge influence for me but that respoinse was just too over the top!

  • Charles Raziel

    I am surprised Capobianco. can breath, as closely as he is snuggled up to Tate’s nut sack. that’s not Tate’s wine he sipping on, it’s kool -aid.

  • Lacika

    This is a great album. I like it. Much better than OM 2.

  • RicoSuaveGuapo

    Ah yes, Crapobianco continues to beat the drum that you have to give Tate’s masterworks dozens of listens with the highest grade of audiophool equipment to truly understand their magnificence.

    Sorry dude, I don’t need to pore over shit with a fine toothed comb to tell it’s shit.