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Review: Geoff Tate - Kings & Thieves

Review: Geoff Tate - Kings & Thieves

After splitting acrimoniously with his former Queensrÿche bandmates while on tour behind 2011’s much-maligned Dedicated to Chaos, singer Geoff Tate has not only struck out with his own new version of the band but also a new solo album. Sadly, on the latter, Tate isn’t exploiting his legendary pipes or prog-metal creativity. Kings & Thieves is essentially a sequel to Dedicated to Chaos. The dramatic, echoing contours of “She Slipped Away” show some spark; ditto for “Dark Money,” a U2-ish indictment of corruption. But hope crumbles with a cringe-inducing sex romp (“Say U Luv It”) and turgid braggadocio that evokes Puff Daddy’s “Come with Me” (“The Way I Roll”). LUCAS AYKROYD

Check out "Dark Money" off Kings & Thieves below:

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