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Review: Gridlink — Longhena

Review: Gridlink — Longhena

The last time grindcore vocalist Jon Chang said goodbye, it was via Discordance Axis' 2000 classic The Inalienable Dreamless. But while Chang kept shrieking over inhuman BPMs after that extreme institution retired, he's saying goodbye to grindcore for good with this third Gridlink album. What a way to go: 21 minutes of blasting that rarely lets up. When it does, it's to let in some foreboding violin, jagged half-time riffing, or a cameo from ex-Assück vocalist Paul Pavlovich, all of which adds greatly to the oppressive atmosphere. There's sorrow amongst the chaos, feeling in the frenzy. If this is goodbye, let our lives be filled with parting. GREG PRATT

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