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Review: Hark — Crystalline

Review: Hark — Crystalline

Best known for his work with Welsh stoner/sludge merchants Taint, vocalist-guitarist Jimbob Isaac takes a similarly seismic approach with his impressive new trio, which also includes the former Whyteleaf rhythm section of bassist Nikolai Ribnikov and drummer Simon Bonwick. Mixed by Converge's Kurt Ballou, Crystalline serves up hardcore aggression with a doomy swagger and more than a touch of min-frying prog-psych, and the band is at its best when traversing the infernal peaks and valleys of "Sins on Sleeves," "Breathe and Run," and the 10-minute "Clear Light Of..." Fans of Mastodon, Neurosis, or Clutch will find much to enjoy herein. DAN EPSTEIN

Check out "Palendromeda" from Crystalline.

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