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Review: Heartist — Feeding Fiction

Review: Heartist — Feeding Fiction

Heartist is all over the heavy-rock map on its full-length debut: Rousing, chorus-filled anthems combine with chunky metalcore, while electro-synth flourishes mash with a melodic leanings reminiscent of Blink-182 and Linkin Park. It could have been an all-out train wreck, but Heartist manage to turn 'Feeding Fiction' into a cohesive and infectious outing as Bryce Beckley’s vocals, which excel even in pop-punk-chirpy mode, merge with Tim Koch’s commanding guitars on radio-friendly tunes like “Skeletons,” “Ignite,” and the solo-fueled “What Kind of World.” The album hardly reinvents the metallic wheel here, yet it does makes things happen in a heartfelt way. JEFF PERLAH

Check out “Black Cloud” from 'Feeding Fiction.'

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