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Review: Hellyeah — Blood for Blood

Review: Hellyeah — Blood for Blood

With the acrimonious departure of longtime members Greg Tribbett and Bob Zilla, Hellyeah have discovered new fuel for the fire. Blood for Blood is punchy and vitriolic, full of unforgiving tracks like “Soul Killer” and “Say When,” the latter featuring Vinnie Paul’s most acrobatic drumming since Pantera. But two of the most powerful cuts are the most reflective. “If I had a Dime for every tear I cried,” laments Chad Gray on the melodic “Black December,” and on metal ballad “Moth,” he opens up about past events: “Friendships, they come and go, sometimes they end.” On Blood for Blood, Hellyeah’s pain is our gain. JON WIEDERHORN

Check out “Sangre Por Sangre (Blood For Blood)” from Blood for Blood.

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