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Review: I the Breather — Life Reaper

Review: I the Breather — Life Reaper

Vocalist Shawn Spann has felt lost at times, and his faith has helped him get back on track, as the inspirational metalcore tracks on I The Breather’s third full-length reveal. As the group’s name implies, its holy cauldron of low-octave, chop-infested heaviness and melodic, super-creative segments dish out the idea that the dude upstairs allows us to breath—and you’ll even hear some actual breathing on Life Reaper, which ends up sounding like a breath of fresh air on “Soul:Seek” and “Self:Restore,” two tunes that mix amp-cooking extreme rock and Korn-ish, electronica-fueled madness. Life is good when I The Breather get down to business. JEFF PERLAH

Check out “Soul:Seek” from 'Life Reaper.'

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