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Review: Indian — From All Purity

Review: Indian — From All Purity

For once, a band's official bio sums up said group accurately and succinctly: "This is the opposite of easy listening." As if that weren't enough, the dudes from Indian titled From All Purity's opening track "Rape" just to let you know what's about to happen to your ears, your face, and your equilibrium. Featuring ex-Nachtmystium/ Wolves in the Throne Room/ Mutilation Rites member Will Lindsay on guitar, this Chicago squad's fifth slab of churning, moaning, screeching sludge sounds like EyeHateGod bringing on power electronics and Japanese horror flicks. It's all the necessary B-adjectives--bludgeoning, brutal, burly--but it's something else too; Bloodcurdling. J. BENNETT

Check out "Rhetoric of No" from From All Purity.

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