Review: Linkin Park – The Hunting Party



Thirteen years after being steeled in the crucible of Ozzfest, and millions of record sales later, Linkin Park have grown into one of America’s biggest rock bands. But now they’re ratcheting the kick-ass up another notch: Their new album, ‘The Hunting Party,’ is not only the hardest and heaviest thing they’ve ever released, but it’s also their first album to pack the sort of guitar firepower that would actually appeal to your average headbanger. The record’s potent mixture of punk, thrash, and hard rock–as heard on such bracing tracks as “Keys to the Kingdom,” “Guilty All the Same,” “Mark the Graves” and “A Line in the Sand”–is an especially ballsy move from a band that’s drifted deep into experimental/electronic territory on their two most recent albums, 2010’s ‘A Thousand Suns’ and 2012’s ‘Living Things.’

But its heaviness is hardly the only thing atypical about this latest Linkin Park record. Guitarist Brad Delson, who barely touched his axe in the studio in recent years, not only delivers great crushing riffs but also, on nearly every track, lays down a wailing guitar solo, if not two or three. In addition, ‘The Hunting Party’ is the first of the band’s records to feature cameos by outside musicians, including members of System of a Down, Rage Against the Machine, and Helmet (read what the groups’ Mike Shinoda has to say about those collaborators here), and it’s also the first one in their lengthy career that’s completely self-produced—which is especially notable considering that über-producer Rick Rubin oversaw the making of their last three albums.

The result of all these change-ups is an album that is both aggressive and progressive, while still maintaining Linkin Park’s innate pop sensibility. ‘The Hunting Party’ is inspiring proof that bands don’t have to get softer as they grow older–but can, in fact, do the very opposite. DAN EPSTEIN

Check out “Rebellion” (featuring Daron Malakian) off ‘The Hunting Party’:

  • Pratik Patra

    This is a terrific album,though lyrics are sometimes rather generic it still makes for good music with speakers at full blast. Some reviewers have unnecessarily panned the lyrics of Rebellion thinking it in a literal sense,but there is a symbolic message hidden underneath all the loudness.

  • LPFreak64


  • Pvt Ryan

    The quintessential Linkin Park album!!

  • JS83

    The best one since Hybrid Theory

  • Tom

    So good.

  • Eduardo Hernández

    With this album you can’t deny that this boys have real talent.
    Best energy since Meteora

  • McMike

    Still not as heavy as their first 2 albums, haven’t cared for them since Meteora, that was the last good album of theirs, sorry folks they are not heavy

    • Filibuster1995

      They’re still very good, and haven’t released a bad album yet. Just try to remember that they were never a Nu-Metal band. They’re entire style to to try to experiment with music by blending genres to create new music. Just listen with no expectations and an open mind, and I promise that you will enjoy it.

  • Greg Youknowho

    this new one SUCKS ASS.. don’t waste your money on it. Worthy cd’s are WORTH BUYING….not just cause of the band name. THIS IS CRAP.. YOU BEEN WARNED.

    • lolthisdude

      Lol some random person warning ME about my tastes lol. What a dimbfuck

    • Saro

      It’s amazing.

    • Bina

      some one direction dude is warning us!! DUDE go listen to JBz.

  • Negativemrb

    Yes, it’s so terrible, that say it’s heavy maybe they should look around and see a million other bands doing heavy way better, and more original…..and by the way when will they dump that Chester dude his voice is so generic and washed up by now. They continue to sound the same every album, music changes but that dude does the same thing every time, he does better as a ripoff Scott Weiland!

    • Bina

      yes they do sound the same and hey dude!! that’s what Linkin Park sounds like!!

  • Hitesh Salian

    Compared to other better musicians out there, this is not even close to good or heavy as they say. Still better than their electronic , atleast the final masquerade is decent for a listen :)