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Review: Monster Magnet -- Last Patrol

Review: Monster Magnet -- Last Patrol

Taking their customary three years between albums, Monster Magnet rolls a nine-song set that’s well worth the wait. The quartet sounds fresh and full of purpose on these nine songs, which nod back to the roots of the group’s psychedelic brand of stoner garage rock. But that’s a wide sonic umbrella, so Monster Magnet tears through everything from riffy epics (“End of Time” and the title track) and the Southern blues-flavored “Hallelujah” to the face-melting fury of “Mindless Ones” and the restrained ambiance of “I Live Behind the Clouds.” Consistently hot, this should tide fans over until the next patrol arrives in, oh, 2016. GARY GRAFF

Check out "The Duke (Of Supernature)" off Last Patrol below.

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