Review: Motörhead — Aftershock



Reviewing a Motörhead album is like reviewing a cheeseburger—unless something truly awful has happened, it will at the very worst be pretty damn good. What makes Motörhead so powerful is that they’ve never deviated too far from the formula of kickass rock and roll with whiskey-soaked swagger and massive sack. Such is Aftershock, an album that many were worried wouldn’t happen due to Lemmy’s recent bouts with ill health. But there’s nothing to worry about: Aftershock is another worthy entry into Motörhead’s long discography, with 14 rollicking tracks of brawn, broads, and blazing riffs.

To the band’s credit, there are noticeable differences between Aftershock and 2010’s The World Is Yours. The misanthropic and outwardly venomous tone present on the latter album is gone, replaced by laid-back country-fried songs that feature Lemmy’s plaintive groan more than his throaty bellow. “Lost Woman Blues” and “Dust And Glass” are both traditional country and blues songs, with only the faintest hint of metal in their respective guitar sounds. Some tracks, such as “Crying Shame,” also reintroduce the band’s bar-room piano, harkening back to classics like “Angel City” off of 1914. But then there are songs like “Coup de Grace,” “Death Machine,” “Going to Mexico,” and “Queen of the Damned,” which bring all the stomp and snarl that one wants from a Motörhead record. Predictable? Maybe, but it’s still impossible to keep your feet from tapping and head from banging throughout. This is a band that has progressed without getting “progressive,” and it’s why they remain awesome.

In a genre choked with over-technical playing, subgenre worship, and retro posturing, it feels refreshing to have a solid Motörhead record come out and remind us how it’s done. Big juicy burger? Sounds fucking great.

Check out “Heartbreaker” off Aftershock below:

  • Ralph

    “…like “Angel City” off of 1914″
    Um, ya mean 1916, don’t ya? Maybe you should stick to reviewing cheeseburgers…

  • Timmy Spillane

    Ok, Ralph, point made…lol! Still, in any case this was a pretty damned accurate review of yet another Motorhead disc worthy of Lemmy’s long lasting, nasty, greezy, sleazy and badass legacy. I got my (pre-ordered) copy in the mail yesterday, and my initial impression is…FUCKING OUTRAGEOUS! It’s pure Motorhead in the classic kick your ass sense, and anyone who doesn’t think that *alone* is worth the price of admission sucks in my book…gimme my fucking cheeseburger, and make it blood rare and MEAN!

  • Jammin Jeff Gramman

    Its Motorhead & they play rock & fkn roll, what did you expect!!!

  • Johnandre217

    Ok. lets be totally honest here: half the songs are awesome!! The other half are very good. Buy the CD!

  • Darrow

    Yes this is the best one since Inferno and as such I breathed a deep sigh of relief. The previous one (The World Is Yours) was a quite Stinker I only listened to three times. Glad the Two years in between has rejuvenated their Muse.