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Review: Ringworm — Hammer of the Witch

Review: Ringworm — Hammer of the Witch

Twenty-plus years into their careers, Cleveland metallic-hardcore heavyweights Ringworm have delivered what should stand as their finest entry in their catalogue. Frontman Human Furnace and cohorts sound darker and more evil than ever--for proof, crank tracks like "Psychic Vampire" and "Bleed," which reek of piss and vinegar. But with that said, some things are better in smaller packages, and sadly, the album's incredibly well-crafted songs tend to get lost in the vicious blur of the record's excessive 41-minute span. Don't get it wrong--Ringworm have never sounded better; just listen to Hammer of the Witch in doses for the desired effect. SAMMI CHICHESTER

Check out "Hammer of the Witch" from Hammer of the Witch.

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