Review: Septicflesh — Titan



It’s been six years since Greece’s Septicflesh reinvigorated their sound with the epic Communion, and not much has changed. On Titan, one finds the same mixture of cinematic orchestrals, layered growls, and pneumatic drums. What’s lacking at times is cohesion—often, Septicflesh’s polished, overproduced sound feels haphazard and directionless. Still, tracks like “Order of Dracul” and “Prometheus” have all of the grandiosity and elephantine marching riffs needed to have fans of Dimmu Borgir raising their fists. CHRIS KROVATIN

Check out “Order of Dracul” from Titan.

  • Vile208

    this is by far their best album, how on earth you gave it a 2.5 is beyond me.. did you actually listen to the whole thing?

  • Andrei

    This is a 10 out of 5 album.

  • billy

    this is a great release!!!!!!!!!!wrong review!!!!!!at least 4.5/5

  • THIS guy!

    This IS Revolver after all, anything that doesn’t sound like Bring Me the Horizon is instantly going to be shitted on.

  • Drew Keller

    this review sucks this album is easily a 5/5 this reviewer obviously sucks

  • Mohammad

    this review sucks this album is easily a 5/5 this reviewer obviously sucks [2]

  • jackmurphystadium


  • htgiant

    Really? 2.5/5??? This is at least 4.5/5, dude! This is Symphonic Metal! If you don’t like it don’t make review and listen to your hardcore shit.

  • Mathias Madsgaard Mogensen

    2.5-5? Seriously? I know people have different opinions and stuff, but holy shit this album is good! I can’t even comprehend how the reviewer got to this conclusion. Sounds like he was full of pre-judiges and didn’t actually give it two full listens..

  • Here’s Johnny

    he didn’t listen to it.