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Review: Set to Reflect — Artificial Sun

Review: Set to Reflect — Artificial Sun

The first release of Ohio post-hardcore quintet Set to Reflect, Artificial Sun, is a concise, intense recapitulation of the best of the genre's recent tropes--soaring clean vocals, catchy melodies, digitally perfected production, and (of course) pummeling breakdowns. At its best, the band crafts songs that blend together different textures in a way that sets it apart from the often-formulaic sound of its style. One standout is "More Than Familiar"--the track's dissonant sounds point to influences like Norma Jean and Underoath. While Artificial Sun loses some steam towards the album's end, metalcore fans should definitely check out Set to Reflect's exciting debut. DAVID MCKENNA

Check out "Pacing In A Panic Room" from Artificial Sun.

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