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Review: Slough Feg — Digital Resistance

Review: Slough Feg — Digital Resistance

Despite the futurism that bubbles through the lyrics here, Slough Feg's sound is insistently, almost defiantly, old school. There's no breakneck riffage or crisply picked shred; instead, Slough Feg's guitars prefer to gallop like Thin Lizzy used to, driven by a loose, sloppy thrum of Ginger Baker-inflected tom-toms. There are even moments, as in the album-closing "Warrior's Dusk," when main man Mike Scalzi sings like Roger Daltry in his rooster prime. Not the most fashionable influences, obviously, yet Digital Resistance feels more like real rebellion than a lot of modern metal. J.D. CONSIDINE

Check out "Digital Resistance" from Digital Resistance.

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