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Review: Soulfly -- Savages

Review: Soulfly -- Savages

With a new drummer—main man Max Cavalera’s son Zyon—wielding especially heavy beats, and a fresh fascination with cannibalism, Soulfly show no signs of softening on this ninth album. Cavalera’s Brazilian posse chomp into “Cannibal Holocaust” with a gnarly thrash assault, but the real fun comes during “El Comegente,” an eight-minute, eardrum-eater sung in Portuguese and Spanish that Max and bassist Tony Campos wrote about a Venezuelan cannibal from the ’80s. Guests include Clutch’s Neil Fallon, who croons with Cavalera on the scorching “Ayatollah of Rock ‘N’ Rolla.” Overall, Max & Co. keep things tasty on Savages. JEFF PERLAH

Check out "Master Of Savagery" off Savages below.

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