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Review: Texas in July — Bloodwork

Review: Texas in July — Bloodwork

'Bloodwork' comes in the wake of some bloodletting for Texas in July, following the recent departures of frontman Alex Good and lead guitarist Christian Royer. Never fear: J.T. Cavey capably fills Good’s spot on the group’s fourth album with his throat-shredding screams and roars, and he even tosses in an unexpected bit of clean singing. But while Chris Davis does heroic duty on guitar, most of 'Bloodwork'’s 11 tracks suffer from a dynamic sameness that dilutes this dawn of a new era, with only late-album entries such as “The Tightrope” and the title track tapping into the exciting, intricate attack the group has made its trademark. GARY GRAFF

Check out “Broken Soul” from 'Bloodwork.'

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