Review: Texas in July — Bloodwork



‘Bloodwork’ comes in the wake of some bloodletting for Texas in July, following the recent departures of frontman Alex Good and lead guitarist Christian Royer. Never fear: J.T. Cavey capably fills Good’s spot on the group’s fourth album with his throat-shredding screams and roars, and he even tosses in an unexpected bit of clean singing. But while Chris Davis does heroic duty on guitar, most of ‘Bloodwork’’s 11 tracks suffer from a dynamic sameness that dilutes this dawn of a new era, with only late-album entries such as “The Tightrope” and the title track tapping into the exciting, intricate attack the group has made its trademark. GARY GRAFF

Check out “Broken Soul” from ‘Bloodwork.’

  • Dan

    I’ve heard the 3 songs that have been released. They’re sick. Especially sweetest poison and broken soul. It deserves more than a 2.5…. C’mon man!

  • Ben

    Agree with Dan. I was never a huge fan of this band, but I streamed their album a couple days ago and it’s fantastic. Light years ahead of where they were before and an overall solid album. Technically sound and their new vocalist (JT Cavey) is an absolute animal. I would give it a 4/5 easy. 2.5 is way too low.

  • Andrew Royappa

    This reviewer is officially an idiot. 2.5 stars in what universe, exactly? Such a sick album! Just because it’s not groundbreaking doesn’t mean it can’t be good.

  • Chris

    This album deserves 4/5 stars. This reviewer is a disappointment. Sweetest poison broken soul inner demons illuminate and blood work are all amazing songs