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Review: The Dead Rabbitts - Shapeshifter

Review: The Dead Rabbitts - Shapeshifter

Phoenix-based metalcore supergroup The Dead Rabbitts formed as the side project of Escape the Fate frontman Craig Mabbitt, and also includes current and former members of Greeley Estates and Alesana. Their latest album is notably heavier than Escape the Fate’s recent hard-rock- and glam-influenced work, packing in plenty of tightly crafted breakdowns and dissonant riffs. The variety of melodic choruses spliced amid the mostly pummeling music brings to mind Mabbitt’s past work with Blessthefall, and his singing voice has certainly improved since 2007's His Last Walk, his one and only record with that band, even if his range isn’t what it was at 19. Suggesting modern-day Blessthefall even more than the group's Mabbitt-fronted incarnation, standout tracks like "My Only Regret" and "Ghosts in My Bedroom" mix catchy, anthemic choruses with frenetic metallic intensity. Fans of post-hardcore will definitely want to check this album out. DAVID McKENNA

Stream the album in its entirety right here.

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