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Review: The Shrine — Bless Off

Review: The Shrine — Bless Off

The second full-length offering from The Shine finds the Chuck Dukowski--approved Los Angeles skater/stoner-rock trio more or less picking up where their last album, 2012's Primitive Blast, left off--which, if you dig Marshall pedals through Marshall stacks, rampaging boogie grooves, and plenty of raised-middle-finger attitude, is welcome news, indeed. The head-whipping likes of "Tripping Corpse," "Napalm," and the title track sound pretty rad whether you're skating a bowl or just smoking one, but there's also an underlying musical sophistication at the heart of tracks such as "Nothing Forever" and "Hellride" that points to potentially even greater things down the dragstrip. DAN EPSTEIN

Check out "Worship" from Bless Off.

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