Review: The Ultra Electric Mega Galactic — The Ultra Electric Mega Galactic



Monster Magnet guitarist Ed Mundell may be a stoner, but he’s no slacker. In addition to cutting his main band’s new platter, he also recently recorded the self-titled debut from his side project The Ultra Electric Mega Galactic. That group—rounded out by Otep session player Collyn McCoy (on bass and sitar), and Sasquatch’s Rick Ferrante (on drums and percussion)—cranks out long-form lysergic space-rock instrumentals. Think Jimi Hendrix, Clutch, and Hawkwind passing a bong around a desert campfire and jamming out a soundtrack to 1981 animated tits-and-aliens cult classic Heavy Metal. Toke up and tune in. WILL NAVIDSON

Check out “ Hello to Oblivion” off The Ultra Electric Mega Galactic below:

  • Jacob Mauldin

    Collyn McCoy is also the co-founder of TRASH TITAN, the greatest blues two-piece to ever throw it down on wax. Sorry Black Keys – honorable mention?