Review: The Word Alive — Real



On their third full-length, Phoenix metalcore veterans The Word Alive perfect the sound they’ve crafted since their formation in 2008. The first track “Play the Victim” captures the album’s many strengths: heavy rhythms, tasty riffs, well-crafted arrangements, and the soaring vocals of Tyler “Telle” Smith. Other standouts include “Never Forget” and “Glass Castle,” which both underscore the strength of the songwriting on the album. Real demonstrates that, even as the group’s chosen subgenre has lost the trendiness it possessed in the ’00s, metalcore can still sound fresh and exciting when done right. DAVID McKENNA

Check out “Play the Victim” from Real.

  • Markmiller666

    i give this album a 5/5 its really great tope all previous albums they have done they stepped it up and wrote some killer songs

  • Scott Lucas

    I havent heard the full album yet, im waiting for the release but what ive heard so far has me stoked for the full album, broken circuit may be one of the best songs the word alive have done so far, lighthouse showcases the bands melodic side perfectly. This is without a doubt one of the most diverse metalcore band out there. Glas castle brings us back to the word alives heavy roots its very enjoyable. Have nothing but high expectations