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Review: Throwdown — Intolerance

Review: Throwdown — Intolerance

Once kings of the hardcore mosh pit, SoCal's Throwdown took a left turn into metal territory with 2007's Pantera-worshipping Venom & Tears. The band went even farther afield with 2009's Deathless, which saw frontman Dave Peters crooning clean choruses that suggested he'd been on a Disturbed kick. Long-overdue follow-up Intolerance might as well be named after the attitude many old-school fans took toward the band's most-recent approach, but those same followers will be gratified to hear that Throwdown are in throwback mode here, splitting the difference between Pantera's power-groove and Hatebreed's power-pummel to mosh-fuelling effect. WILL NAVIDSON

Check out "Defend With Violence" from Intolerance.

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