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Review: Tombs — Savage Gold

Review: Tombs — Savage Gold

2011’s acclaimed Path of Totality set the bar high, but Tombs prove up to the challenge with Savage Gold, which explores even darker, deeper terrain. The first half of the record is mostly harsh and unrelenting, with doomy segues serving as mere breathers between bouts of Morbid Angelesque punishment. With the more hypnotic “Echoes,” however, Tombs stretch beyond traditional extreme metal with clean vocals and droning guitars. “Deathtripper” goes even further, touching on territory mined by Neurosis and the Swans. But wherever Tombs travel, they create evocative metallic nightmares most of their contemporaries only dream of crafting. JON WIEDERHORN

Check out “Edge of Darkness” from Savage Gold.

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