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Review: Touché Amoré -- Is Survived By

Review: Touché Amoré -- Is Survived By

Touché Amoré are hardly your typical hardcore band, as they demonstrate once again with album No. 3. Instead of rehashing “stabbed in the back” clichés, songs like “Just Exist” and the title track see frontman Jeremy Bolm exploring his own existential doubt over a wall of controlled catharsis where even blast beats sound melodic. And Is Survived By isn’t all pit-fodder; the cinematic-sounding “Non Fiction” showcases a mastery of dynamics that’s equally as impressive as the heavy stuff and goes a long way to explaining why these guys are fitting, if still surprising, picks to open for AFI on their big fall comeback tour. JONAH BAYER

Check out "Just Exist" off Is Survived By below.

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