Review: Trap Them — Blissfucker



The fourth album from crust/hardcore/sludge/grind outfit Trap Them may contain some of the catchiest songs they’ve ever written—see the smokin’ hot riff of “Gift and Gift Unsteady,” reminiscent of Entombed’s classic “Seeing Red” lick—but it’s just as heavy as always. Heavier, even: The grindcore of late album cut “Former Lining Wide the Walls” (two, maybe three, of the 11 song titles make sense, FYI) takes their D-beat-drenched, feedback-laden horror to new levels of extremity. As always, the Kurt Ballou production gives the album the depth and punch that it deserves, making this the band’s most dangerous declaration to date. GREG PRATT

Check out “Salted Crypts” from Blissfucker.

  • ryallen

    The last minute of the last track is the riff from the first song on the first album, Insomniawesome. That was a cool touch.

    • Alec Schmidt

      I remember It Dies Today did that with Caitiff Choir and whatever album came next (Sirens?) although the second album was meh.

  • Alec Schmidt

    This album is great, it’s good to see this style of dark hardcore / thrash bubbling up again! The droney siren sounds that come in around 3:30 on Salted Crypts are creepy as hell and I love it.