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Review: Vampire — Vampire

Review: Vampire — Vampire

From the dark depths of Sweden, the anonymous graveyard desecrators of Vampire have arrived to shred your face and possess your corpse. Wielding old-school death-thrash like a spiked club on tracks like "Howl from the Coffin" and "The Bestial Abyss," this mysterious foursome--rumored to include ex-members of Portrait and current members of In Solitude--temper their savagery with Cradle of Filth--style keyboards and acoustic passages on "Ungodly Warlock" and "The Fen" before descending back into midnight-movie hell with the Possessed-style death-crush of "Cellar Grave Vampire" and Celtic Frost--isms of "Jaws of the Unknown." A vicious debut. J. BENNETT

Check out "The Fen" from Vampire.

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