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Review: Vulture Industries -- The Tower

Review: Vulture Industries -- The Tower

Norway’s Vulture Industries describe themselves as “avant-garde metallers,” which sounds about right. The Tower (only their third full-length, though they’ve existed in various forms for 20 years) is a tightly coiled, often ambitious exercise in weirdly cheery-sounding, prog-leaning metal. It’s bookended by two exceptional tracks: the title track, a soaring and showy materialism takedown (“Each man is what he owns/Whether or not one truly exists is a question of having things”), and the Faith-No-More-goes-to-the-circus closer “Blood Don’t Eliogabalus” (technically a bonus track). Most everything in between is clean sung, melodic, catchy, and not quite as ominous than the band probably wants it to be. ALLISON STEWART

Check out "The Tower" off The Tower below.

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