Reviews: Cage the Gods — Badlands



These Brits have carved their debut full-length out of the bones of bands from the ’70s (Thin Lizzy), bands from the ’80s (The Black Crowes), and bands that think they were from the ’80s (Buckcherry). An utterly uncontemporary mix of blues rock and Sunset Strip sleaze metal, Badlands‘ songs are entirely decent and thoroughly unremarkable–all nostalgia and no teeth. “Hey, hey, little woman /I’ll drag you back to Hell,” promises singer Peter Comerford on retrograde-in-every-way opener “Favourite Sin,” but he seems too polite to mean it. ALLISON STEWART

Check out “Favourite Sin” from Badlands.

  • devdeuce

    Your review sucks shit. No way you should have a job. 2.5, maybe you should stick to teeny boppin with the mindless masses and just cover Bieber

  • Tweaked Paris

    I haven’t checked out the album yet. I have heard Favourite Sin, and I can agree that that at least this song is all nostalgia. It’s not really.. fulfilling. But bands often pick the worst songs to make music videos for. Although over all they do sound promising, hopefully they can build up a little more for their next album.

    And The Black Crowes debuted in the 90’s. You make yourself look a bit silly there.