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Revocation Tour Diary, Part 1: Jägermeister, Tattoo Infections, and Cheesesteaks

Revocation Tour Diary, Part 1: Jägermeister, Tattoo Infections, and Cheesesteaks

Boston death/thrash metallers Revocation are currently traveling the U.S. in support of their recently released third album Chaos of Forms (Relapse), on the Jägermeister Presents tour with Chimaira (see all the dates here). Beginning with this post, drummer Phil Dubois-Coyne is keeping a blog for us so we don't miss out on anything that goes down, both onstage and off. You can read part one right here and don't forget to check back to over the coming weeks for further installments.

Whats up everybody! Phil from Revocation here, giving you guys a little inside look at our U.S. tour with Chimaira and Impending Doom.

We started the tour with a bang, driving 12 straight hours on our way to Kent, Ohio! Wooo!!! We got to the venue early the next morning and met all the dudes we would be spending the next month with. Everybody is cool as hell, and almost everyone seems like they party, so, if things go the way I expect, it should be a very blurry month. The show was sweet and everyone killed it. A few minor technical difficulties, but that's always the way the first show is. Everyone started feeling much better after hanging with a rep from Jägermeister for a few hours, and good times were had by all.

Woke up the next day and went to check out a potential new touring vehicle.

Unfortunately we were a few intergalactic credits short. Oh well, off to Baltimore!

Baltimore is always a great time because we know so many people there. After a swanky dinner of Maryland crab, we ripped our set, then slammed Natty Bohs and caught up with old friends. Also my experiment to see how tattoos heal on the road was a success. Results: infected!

Sorry, Paul, looks like all hells breakin' loose in the form of a flesh eating staff infection! At least its not permanent. To Philly!

Philly is also always a fun city, and we were super pumped this time because we were playing the super sweet Trocadero, where Lamb of God filmed their Killadelphia DVD. The club is in the heart of Chinatown, and we had a badass dinner of hand drawn noodle soup. Our friends in Relapse came out to show some love, and we had a few drinks with a couple of the dudes from Baroness. It's cool when a band you dig is also into you.

Woke up and had a heart-healthy breakfast at the famous John's Roast Pork, which has the most boner-inducing cheesesteaks in the world. Fuck you, arteries!

Unfortunately we had a 13-hour drive to Joliet, so we didn't get to pay homage to the mighty Rocky statue. Luckily we have a day off, so it's time for a full day of driving, which means a shitload of Kiss and Howard Stern. Not the best way to spend a day off, but not the worst. Check back soon for updates, and make sure to come out and rip it with us when we come through your city. Let's get weird!

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