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Revocation Tour Diary, Part 2: Jäger Girls, Broken Hands, and Pete the Merch Guy

Revocation Tour Diary, Part 2: Jäger Girls, Broken Hands, and Pete the Merch Guy

Boston death/thrash metallers Revocation are currently traveling the U.S. in support of their recently released third album Chaos of Forms (Relapse), on the Jägermeister Presents tour with Chimaira (see all the dates here). Drummer Phil Dubois-Coyne is keeping a blog for us so we don’t miss out on anything that goes down, both onstage and off. You can read part two right here and don’t forget to check back to over the coming weeks for further installments. In case you missed it, you can check out part one here.

Hi all. Phil here with another tour blog update. Shit has gotten kooky on the road since last time. Definitely wanna thank Jägermeister for hooking it up, it's been a fun time with them sponsoring the tour. Plus, we get new hot Jäger girls at every show dishing out shots. And the groupies have been out of control! They've been clawing at our van windows when we pull into venues, and we need security to walk through them. We have been cleaning up, I mean look at this shit.

After all these years we're finally living the rock-star dream.

The shows have been great, and all the bands and crew have been even cooler than we had first hoped. Also, now that we're a ways into the tour, the bands are all well-oiled machines. We're a caravan of road hardened warriors of rock, fueled by booze and weed, traveling through the wastelands to dominate the masses with brutality. Here's a picture of us looking cool.

Just when everyone was getting fully settled into tour mode, we hit a little bump in the road. Btown, the drummer of Impending Doom, broke his hand. Fucking major bummer! They were pretty much up shit creek without a paddle, so I agreed to fill in on drums for them for the rest of tour. Double duty! I only had one day to learn their songs before our show in Denver. I definitely haven't been that stressed at a show in a long time, and it didn't help when I completely butchered certain parts of the set. We managed to make our way through it though, and at least left the crowd only partially covered in diarrhea.

Since then, shit has been fine, and it's back to business as usual. Playing Studio Seven tonight in Seattle. Should be a good time as a bunch of our friends are coming out, and the sound at this venue is fucking crushing. Come by and say "Hi" to our merch guy Pete (below). He's been known to accept handjobs for CDs, so don't be shy. See ya!

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