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Revocation Tour Diary, Part Three: Sucking Iron, Steel Panther, and Vinnie Paul's Strip Club

Revocation Tour Diary, Part Three: Sucking Iron, Steel Panther, and Vinnie Paul's Strip Club

Boston death/thrash metallers Revocation are currently traveling the U.S. in support of their recently released third album Chaos of Forms, on the Jägermeister Presents tour with Chimaira (see all the dates here). Drummer Phil Dubois-Coyne is keeping a blog for us so we don’t miss out on anything that goes down, both onstage and off. You can read part three right here and don’t forget to check back to over the coming weeks for further installments. In case you missed them, you can check out part one here, and part two here.

What's up folks! Phil again, back with more from the road.

The war machine of our tour package keeps on turning, and cities lay decimated in our wake. Or at least slightly hungover. After hitting the west coast, the ball busting drives finally eased up, which means party time for Revocation. Portland was next in line, and we fucking love Portland. We got to kick it with the head of Relapse, which is always a fun time, and hit up his amazing pizza place "Sizzle Pie."  I'm usually skeptical of West Coast pizza, but this shit is seriously legit. Also went to the famous "Voodoo Doughnuts," and got a box of a dozen that would make Homer Simpson jizz in his pants. I know you're probably all thinking, How do Revocation manage to stay looking so amazing all the time with a diet like that? Well, I'll tell you how: we exercise. That's right. We pump iron. Hard. The road can kick your ass, so we make sure to stay in peak physical condition with a strict regiment of cardio and strength building. Here's an exercise I came up with myself.

We made our way down the coast, and morale was high. We stopped by the Boardwalk, in Orangevale, California, and got to work with my favorite soundguy in the U.S., Claude. Not only does he share my love of Judas Priest, but also my love of philosophy: "Women are like frying pans, ya gotta heat 'em up before ya put the meat in." A true prophet.

The next day we were in L.A., playing the famous Key Club. We were pumped because that was the one remaining iconic club on the sunset strip that we hadn't played (the other two being the Whisky and the Roxy). One thing that I was wondering about was why Steel Panther wasn't playing the Key Club that night, given that it was a Monday and they have had a residency there for years and years. My wonder quickly turned to ejaculatory joy, when I heard that they had shifted over to the House of Blues, and were playing that night after our set! Fuck yeah!!! We got in touch with our management, and they even set us up on the list. Steel Panther were supposed to go on at 10:30, so we rushed over there, only to wait until literally midnight for them to go on. Any other band and I would be pissed, but making a crowd wait an hour and a half for you to go on is a rock n' roll douchebag move of the highest caliber, and it only made me love them more.

So fucking good.

Afterwards we stopped by the Rainbow and grabbed a drink with a few of the Chimaira dudes. If you can get past the traffic, smog, and really strange people, L.A. can be an awesome place. Plus you can run into people like this:

You can really see how excited [Ron Jeremy] was to hang out with us. A couple days after that, we were in Dallas, which means only one thing: titties. After the show we booked it over to the Clubhouse, which I'm sure everyone knows is Vinnie Paul's strip club. We got in free because of our tour laminates, and the debauchery began. As an added bonus, Anthrax and Testament had also played Dallas that night, and were all hanging out at the Clubhouse with Vinnie! Unfortunately by the time we got there they were all heading out, so we just settled for getting excessively drunk and throwing dollars at chicks buttholes. Still a good time!

Well that about does it for this installment of "Phil's road to liver failure." Check back soon for my final update, as you won't want to miss the awesome pics of our Halloween show. Later!

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