Rex Brown of Pantera, Down, and Kill Devil Hill Pays Tribute to Dimebag Darrell

Yesterday marked seven years since Pantera and Damageplan guitarist Dimebag Darrell was killed onstage. This week, we are posting remembrances of him by his friends and peers. Today, Rex Brown (pictured left)—Dime’s bandmate in Pantera, who has also played in Down and Kill Devil Hill—remembers the impact Darrell had on his life. The new, 100th issue of Revolver, which is available here and on newsstands on December 13, features a free pullout poster of Dimebag.

“I miss Dime every day that fuckin’ goes by. Dime was driven from the time he picked up that guitar. I was around when Darrell couldn’t play a barre chord. Then he discovered Ozzy’s first two records and he started practicing 11 hours a day. And he just came out to be this prodigy.

“It never ceased to amaze me what he was capable of. He always had something in his mind going on musically, and if it wasn’t that, it was a prank to entertain himself because he was always entertaining to people.

“He was the best man at my wedding and he was the warmest cat I’ve ever seen to people that he didn’t know. At the same time, I think Dime really needed to take a little break and have a little seclusion from himself and all the craziness. And he would take those times and sober up and get his stuff together and then write all these amazing riffs while he was taking a shit.

“I think about him all the time. I’ll come up with something and go, ‘Man, what would he think of this?’ And I’ll never be able to get an answer. But I’m still close to Rita [Haney, Dime’s widow]. I was on the phone with her for two hours a few days ago and it always brings a smile to my face when I can talk to her, and she still has the same ideology that Dime had. You know, I can’t believe it’s been this long since he’s been gone and I miss my brother.”

Dimebag photo by Lorinda Sullivan


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  • Bjillson327

    We all miss ya Dime we miss those blood curdiling sweels u make on that badass kiss guitar u got anyways I just wanted to let u no that u were the one to inspire me to pick up a guitar & play Iv been playing for almost 14 years I’m 17 & ur my idol Brother Dime 12/8/04 will never forget u

  • pettygirl

    I remember him as this skinny little kid, playing all the metal clubs in the Dallas/Ft Worth area…he was always friendly and cutting up…I’ll always have fond memories of “Diamond” Darrell….

    • Jammin


  • Frank Hardy Roi

    The best there is the best there will be.

  • Jammin

    Circle in the Square – 1985

  • Sickofyourshit

    Wife? Not. 


    thanx rex thts so awesum dude.i really do have and feel alotv love 4 darrell.he will always be rememberd!!!!!!!!we miss you darrell.ratana paul nz maori.RIP DIME

  • Hearse23driver

    Damn its been soo long that dimes been gone and its a fuckin shame we will never get to hear any new and amazing guitar from him. We all miss you dime and thanks Rex that was an amazing rememberance of him

  • Dontneedme25

    Hey came to rock and rocked like no other

  • Matthew Maloney

    Panteras music changed my attitude about life, use constructive aggression to channel into positive success.  And an acknowledgement and embracement of emotional and mental pain.  

  • Austin mills

    I never gotvthe plessure of meeting Dine but ever since I heard the first riff it has indpired me to become the greatest guitarest I can be he is a god a true guitar legion I have done so many reports in Dime for school projects an everytime I listen to a recording of him playing I learn new things. The music world is no linger the same with out him rest in peace brother Dime

  • Diane

    Met Dime when my husband’s band opened for them.  Nicest guy-made you feel like you had been his friend forever.  Miss him much.  Miss the music.  rip

  • Cassandragantz

    Gone but never forgotten. I love you Dimey (: <3

  • Davidmcbrayer

    Dime was a really cool guy. He was my neighbor in Arlington Texas and anyone who was into Rock and Roll and Metal knew these guys because they put themselves out in the public with the rest of us metal fans. I remember it was nothing to see him at the local Kmart or driving down the road. I am glad and fortunate enough to say that I knew him and he was a friend. I will always have this void in my soul. I miss him dearly. A true great. Isnt it funny that he was his heros, hero? Not surprising.

  • ForeverDimebag

    Dimebag didn’t play a guitar…. He was the guy that takes his guitar and he merge himself with it… You can feel the emotions in riffs and in Dimebag’s movements onstage… Pantera is my favourite metal bend for over a decade, thrash metal is my favourite becouse of Pantera. BUT i think that Vinnie made a mistake for not letting Anselmo on Dime’s funeral… It was just a VERBAL fight betwean them and they would sort it out, but becouse of that shithead Gale they didn’t had a chance… Sorry becouse of my English, I’m from Bosnia… Cheers… AND R.I.P. Dime i hope that you are in the better place :)

  • Hudgesmendiola

    whats the cover of this issue?
     i want to have one!!thank you!!

  • matan

    wish i would’ve met him

  • Desy_guns

    Are Vinnie and Rex mates again?

  • Johnadrian_japon

    No1 fan