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The Road to SXSW: Cristina Scabbia of Lacuna Coil Lists Her Six Favorite Things About Texas

The Road to SXSW: Cristina Scabbia of Lacuna Coil Lists Her Six Favorite Things About Texas

In preparation for Revolver's March 15 Raw Power Management/The Agency Group SXSW showcase in Austin, Texas, we asked Cristina Scabbia of Lacuna Coil to list her six favorite things about Texas.

Here goes!

01. The music scene, which is getting bigger and bigger and more vibrant than ever in Texas. SXSW and lots of musicians moving there are the proof that Texas is a state that has respect for music and creativity. I can't wait to perform at SXSW; it's our first time with Lacuna Coil, and everybody is already telling us it's going to be amazing!

02. I love to eat, and when it comes to the States I like to get myself some comfort food every now and then. I'm always happy to stop to taste some Tex-Mex food. I've never been disappointed. (I also highly recommend the Big Texan in Amarillo; it's a very characteristic place with great food, a place where you can dare to try to finish a 72-ounce steak in less than an hour, and not only the steak)! And the Blue Bell ice cream is Texan ... helloooo?!?

03. It will sound silly but I have to say it: cowboy hats. Imagine the perspective of somebody coming from Italy where everything related to the States is pretty much in the American movies full of cowboys and horses, played on TV. That's why, the first time we played in Texas with Lacuna Coil, it was the very first thing I bought. I wore it all the time. Black, of course. In Europe I would look a little strange with it, but when I was in Texas it made perfect sense to me!

04. Cowboy boots. Being a woman, it's kinda normal that I'm in love with a well-manufactured shoe, hahaha! Some boots are absolute works of art with their different materials and different textures, the designs, the way some of them are embroidered. I love the art some shoemakers are putting in their handmade boots, and of course, some of the best boots around are made in Texas. I wish I could learn to put together a pair of boots from scratch!

05. Six Flag park. I enjoy roller coasters, and when I tried the Titan, I learnt a new concept of the word "roller coaster." I think I lost 10 years off my life 'cause I was terrified by one of the "falls." I LOVED IT!!! Can't wait to go back again!

06. Chuck Norris, of course. He already knew you guys would have asked, and he already knew I would have answered this, of course.

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Revolver's SXSW showcase will take place Friday, March 15, at the Dirty Dog Bar, 505 E. 6th St. in Austin. The show, which is presented by Raw Power Management and The Agency Group, kicks off 8 p.m. (doors 7:30 p.m.). Here's the lineup: 8 p.m., Immanu El | 8:45 p.m., Monster Truck | 9:30 p.m., Crossfaith | 10:15 p.m., Young Guns | 11 p.m., Of Mice And Men | midnight, Chiodos | 1 a.m., Lacuna Coil

The show is presented in association with Revolver, Drop Dead Clothing and Tillys. Poster art (below) by Brian Ewing.

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