Rob Zombie Covers Metallica’s “Enter Sandman”


Rob Zombie–who recently won the Best Live Band award at the 2014 Revolver Golden Gods–covered Metallica’s classic “Enter Sandman” during his band’s concert at the Myrtle Beach House of Blues on April 29th. Check it out below (the song begins around the 1:30 mark) and let us know what you think in the comments.


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  • Lola

    Shut the fuck up and play the shitty song for your poseur fans.

    • Axiz

      Your ‘poseur’ fans? Seriously?
      Rob Zombie IS a fucking legend,
      He could fart at the mic for 20 minutes straight and It would still be awesome

      • hovig

        yeah… thats true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCKIN LEGEND!!!!!!!!!! Hes the reason why I became a Metalhead! Dragula was the first metal song i ever heard!

        • Harley Salekin

          Him and pantera, man

          • hovig

            *sigh* Pantera…. such a sad topic…. they are God Status! m/

          • Shahar

            Ohhhhh Legendary Pantera… cemetery gates man… and all the rest…. pure metal like good old times… and Metallica… perfection – no one really cover their song like they do.
            They are genious metal :)

    • VL123

      shut up bitch and go be a troll somewhere else.

  • altonmichel

    Cool for him do play it at one of his shows. seemed the crowd was louder than him. haha.

  • Connor

    Cool cover, but of all the Metallica songs they could’ve picked….

  • crhea

    he did this in nashville in november as well

  • Krystle

    I think the crowd covered it more so than Zombie…. maybe if we just heard HIM, it’d be dope…..

  • April

    I witnessed this! Purely awesome!

  • Terry Martin

    Leave the metallica songs to metallica, this totally sucked balls!

  • Robert

    I would kind like to hear his studio version of this…and would love for Rob to cover THILLER!!

  • MiamiMan

    Zombie is cool but sounds like shit live. He did no justice to this song. Sorry to say because I actually like him and his music.

  • Mister Skinz

    I’d like to see a version where you hear more of him than the crowd, but I think the cover was pretty solid

  • Jack Karie

    I saw him live. Definitely not worth an award. I’ve heard below average reviews from others that saw him elsewhere.

  • obituary

    Couldn’t hear his voice, but musically is acceptable.

  • Mark D Jelicks

    awesome job!!!… He did ” AM I EVIL ” in Fort Rock.. in Fort Myers on April 26, 2014….and nailed it!!!!

  • rrreno

    guitar was good,but then again, enter sandman is a easier guitar riff to play. Drums, SUCKED, just listen to it once, they didn’t even play half the drum beats!, and Rob, can’t sing this song. I love Rob’s music, but live , ehhhh, i save my money next time.

  • Kyle Peters

    u guys suck this was rlly good if it wasn’t recorded by someone in the audience it would sound amazing he did a rlly good job and sings it great better cover than other bands did

    • Bobby R. Fried

      I’ve heard drunken bar bands do better……

  • Dan Barrett

    When in the actual fuck did “Enter Sandman” become old school metal ? Shit, when was it even metal ? FAIL. I saw White Zombie, Pantera and Pro-Pain all on the same stage.. just like everyone else, he sold out ..

  • Tony Joyce


  • Astra

    John 5 is the only one doing this song justice.